You are most welcome to stay here at no extra expense during your recording days. The accommodation is simple but quiet, clean and comfortable.
On the ground floor you will find the kitchen with fridge / freezer, stove with oven, micro and dishwasher. There is also a bathroom with a bathtub. Upstairs there are two bedrooms. In each one there is a bunk bed + a single bed. The accommodation is self-catering and there is a small grocery store a walk away.

Q & A

Is there place to park my car?
Yes, there is free parking for 4 – 5 cars.

What’s the price?
Daily rent is SEK 5.000 + VAT. (€480 + VAT)
The price includes:
• Technician and 8 hours of recording per day, normally 10 AM – 7 PM unless otherwise agreed.
• Access to the studio and control room at 10 AM – 7 PM unless otherwise agreed.
• Use of instruments, microphones and other equipment is included in the price.
• Free use of studio tape.
• Free stay over is included in the price with access to kitchen and bathroom.
• Free Wi-fi

• Company customers are invoiced. DSO 20 days.
• Payment at time of recording or as agreed upon.

What happens if something breaks?
• You are responsible for leaving the bedroom and kitchen in the same condition as it was when you arrived. If you prefer we can book professional cleaners to tidy up after you have gone, however it is not included in the price.
• The same responsibility goes for equipment that is borrowed. Damage caused by customer that needs repair or professional cleaning is charged.

Some additional rules
• No pets allowed, either in the studio or the living area.
• No smoking allowed inside.
• No drinks, food or snacks on amplifiers, pianos, mixers etc.

While you are here

You probably don’t feel you have time for this. But. It can be re-energizing to take a break and do something completely else for a while.

Local tips:
The deep forests are only a short walk away. It is very relaxing to take a walk amongst the big trees.
There are also plenty of small winding dirt roads to walk or jog on. If you are here in the winter the Romme Alpin Ski resort is only 1 km from the studio.

There are several swimming lakes within 15 min by car.

Frostbrunnsdalen, 10 min by car, is a beautiful place well worth a visit. Torsang, by the river Dalalven 20 mins away is also nice. It has a nice cafe + an old church dating back to the 15th century.

If you are on the look out for antiques and cool vintage items there are many flea markets and second hand shops around. You will need a car to get around though.

The closest town is Borlange which you can get to by car or bus in 15 minutes. In town you will find shops and restaurants. And a couple of clubs with live venues such as House of Blues and Liljan.